I always knew that the other shoe would drop during this pregnancy at some point. My doctors have been preparing me for it and I mentally knew that we couldn’t just have good weeks over and over and over again. Kira is smaller when she should be the same size as Emma. She isn’t getting the sufficient nutrients she needs to grow. Something was going to change and we knew it was coming. This new turn of events shouldn’t have been so jolting, but when your baby is sick, your mama heart just jolts. I went in for regular doppler scans on Monday and was told that Kira’s umbilical artery flow was intermittent/absence flow. Up until this point it was forward flowing but elevated. This meant that they wanted to send me to the hospital for inpatient care. I came home from my appointment sobbing as I realized that this was the beginning of a new phase in the twin’s journey. Realistically now, when are we going to meet these babies and how long can Kira stay on the inside before they need to take her and give her a fighting chance in NICU?

Shoe drop. 👠 

I went home, packed my hospital bag that I naively unpacked a few days before, made a pit stop at the Mexican restaurant (let’s be honest, I knew it would be the last good meal for a while so it was a priority) and headed into the hospital. 

Ana Rose held my hand the whole way to the hospital

When I arrived, the revolving door started. The admission process, nurses, doc teams… the whole team came to visit and get the process going. They put me on magnesium and gave a round of steroid shots to help babies develop and create a bit of lung and neuron protection, incase we needed to deliver. The, per usual, the goal is to keep them inside as long as possible.  

Side note: Let’s chat about the ol’ magnesium. That stuff is rough. If you’ve been on it, I’m sorry you had to do that. It incapacitated me to the point that my friendship level with one of my girlfriends jumped to true “ride or die” status as she went full contact to help me change my underwear. Walking was a task and I felt like I was high without any of the benefits of actually being high.)

In all my Mag Glory… 10 out of 10 would not recommend.

Thankfully, the mag and the steroids did what they were supposed to do. Thursday, after passing a few stress tests and seeing the dopplers go back to our version of elevated but forward flowing, we got to bust out. Home sweet home. The girls and I will be visiting the doc once a day for out patient care: Stress tests and ultrasound scans to read dopplers and check on Kemma and Cyd, the cyst. That’s right, the “third baby” got named this week in the hospital now that she’s measuring 20cm and taking up a lot of room in the womb.

So guess what we do now?! Wait. Again. And we just hope the babies make it to our new goal of 32 weeks (I’m almost 29 now). Everything is kind of up in the air I don’t really know all of the details because we are just playing it by ear. If you know me, the waiting isn’t where I thrive… Isn’t it fun?! 🤦🏼‍♀️.

We finally got a good pic of Cyd as well. She’s always been one to hog the spotlight, but we never really let her shine. Enjoy!

Cydney the Cyst

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