I live here now…

Last week week I broke… well, maybe I cracked a little. I hadn’t been outside since last Thursday and I’m pretty sure they were beautiful days! We had a really high hopes of going home 3 days after my second admission. Even though my body is literally straining under the pressure of growing children, Kemma seemed to be doing OK. We were getting out and I was going to get to see Ana Rose. After days of her seeing my face over FactTome and her asking for “Dada” in return, 🙄 I was at least going to get to kiss her forehead before she could run away and play with her toys or be distracted by literally anything else. Until this morning…

My view

Ive been so focused on getting out of the hospital that I forgot for an instant that we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy and it’s getting weird. Kira and Emma are tagging each other in and out of their wresting ring so they can trade off heart rate drops. All my Non Stress Tests took a while because they would decelerate and then normalize. This of course secured our reservation on the Mommy-to-Be floor a minimum of one more night at UK.

I cracked. I just sat in my bed and cried for a hot minute. I needed my little girl snuggles and I needed my twins to be OK, simultaneously.

I’m better now. The staff took pity on me and helped me get outside for an hour of yard time and Grizz brought AR for dinner. We did get released from the hospital a few days later, but we are in the home stretch and as this title reads, I live here now… 🏥

AR seeing me for the first time… 🙄😂

This was at 29 weeks. Part 2 coming up!

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