If you’ve had any exposure to the Bible you know about Jesus and the miracles that he performed. By today’s standards most of them seem pretty far-fetched. A man who walked on water, turned five loaves of bread and 2 fish into dinner for the multitudes, brought a man back to life, and turned H2O into wine (a personal fave) isn’t really this sort of thing you see today.

All that to say, I understand the skepticism that surrounds the miracles of the Bible. Feats like that are hard to come by these days. I’ve seen no one come back to life from the dead recently and no matter how hard I try, my water bottle contents haven’t magically changed into a Sangiovese blend. And for that unanswered miracle, I’ve begged.? 

But today’s skepticism can take a back seat. I’ve recently witnessed a miracle; A 2lb7oz miracle. If you’ve been reading a long, you have too.

About 2 weeks ago a doc came into Kira’s room and asked if anyone had actually spoken to me about Kira’s progress. My heart stopped. Nothing good comes from a doc asking if you are “aware” of something in the NICU. 

“Normally, small babies in this position will lay in their beds for months before their esophagus is big enough to be connected and can be fixed.  Kira only had to have one surgery and that is just unheard of for a baby of her size. It’s amazing!”

She paused so I could take in the gravity of what she was saying to me. 

Before I could think of anything to respond I just asked her if she believed Jesus was real. I told her there were people that have been praying for the twins, and specifically for Kira, for months from all over the world, daily. We’ve received cards in the mail from prayer groups, diapers and meals from strangers, texts and phone calls of encouragement and scripture.  I can’t go out in public without someone asking about the twins and telling me they are praying for them.  Knowing that she has progressed as much as she has wasn’t surprising to me because Jesus is real and people have been praying for the exact miracle she was describing.

The doc looked me in the eye and I could see tears welling up. “I do believe in Jesus and she is a miracle.”

I’ve breeched this convo with multiple doctors and nurses. They all agree.  Each one has told me that her journey was much shorter than they anticipated. They thought we’d have a really long NICU stay. Her progress and healing didn’t reflect a low-weight, premature baby with a TE Fistula that had multiple infections. Kira shouldn’t be doing what she’s doing.

If we weren’t misdiagnosed with sFGR, the selective reduction surgery would have been a very real conversation. TTTS is very scary and the most common “solution” is that surgery. Because of that misdiagnosis Kira was given a chance.

She shouldn’t have lasted 32 weeks in the womb.

She shouldn’t have had enough length in her esophagus to fix her fistula the first try.

She shouldn’t be taking all of her feeds by her mouth and not her g-tube.

She shouldn’t have great bowel movements.

She shouldn’t be coming home before her due date. ?

She shouldn’t be, She shouldn’t be, She shouldn’t be, etc…

But she is.

Kira is alive and she’s a miracle. A water into wine level miracle. Her story is just beginning and she has already impacted the world in a huge way by destroying a deck that was stacked against her from the beginning. She is doing what she shouldn’t be doing. 

Did I mention Kira came home today…?


  1. Jessi Haeft

    October 4, 2021 at 12:10 am

    Won’t he do it!!! The celebration here is REAL!!! Goooo Jesus!!!! Amen, amen, ammmmmmennnnnnn!!!!!!

  2. Chaumeire Long-Jones

    October 4, 2021 at 2:04 am

    Praise Jesus!! GOD Is A On Time GOD!! And He’s A Good GOD A Great GOD And He Can Do Anything But FAIL!! ? Amen!!

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